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Achieve These Looks And More!

Madrid's Haircare

Professional and personal haircare products for all hair types!

Products designed with over 30 years of experience

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Texturizing Relaxer System

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Calcium Relaxer System

Product Reviews


"I love this product !!!!! (The Ultimate Loc Cream)
It allows me to style my hair in many different ways from finger coils , starter locs, 
two strand twists and many more styles. The quality and quantity of th
e twist cream in each jar are very satisfactory. It leaves my hair soft ,shiny and smooth. I love this product ."

Ebony Martene

"The Thermal Mist Spray and the  Glossifier Spray Shine are my go to product for my finished style. I wear my have in a lace weave style because it’s easier for me to maintain and  these products make my hair maintenance fast and easy. I alternate between curling irons, flat irons and crimpers and my hair is always on point. My hair is never hard or dry. Great that I can use them daily with no buildup. Try them, they’re really good. "

Karen Wiggan

"I finally have the perfect combination of products for my textured hair style. As an avid cyclist, my hair can get very dry.  By adding Madrid’s Coconut Yogurt hair cream to my daily routine, it not only conditions my hair but doesn’t leave any messy residue.   Madrid’s Yogurt in combination with his Liquid Texture product brings out a beautiful curl and definition to my texture."


"Shout out for the Luxurious Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner.
I love the moisturizing shampoo and conditioner because it leaves my hair clean and soft . I have natural hair that’s course,curly
, dry, unruly and dull. This shampoo and conditioner combination leaves my hair clean and soft to the touch with a natural sheen. I highly recommended it for your natural hair. The more you use it the better it feels. You’re going to Love it."

Achieve These Looks and Many More


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